ATPL(A) theoretical training for the ATPL(A) Airline Transport Pilot License (Aeroplane) is meant for those who want to pursue the career of an airline pilot.

This training can also serve as an alternative option for pilots who wish to extend their current license by obtaining the IR(A).

Theoretical ATPL(A) training at the ATO Ventum Air is conducted exclusively in English, based on a program that has been approved by the President of The Civil Aviation Office (CAO), in accordance with the Ventum Air’s ATO (Approved Training Organization) certificate. This certificate is recognized by all the members of the EU.

In accordance with the European standards and regulations, as expressed in the PART-FCL rules, the theoretical ATPL(A) training consists mostly of self-study, coordinated through the PadPilot e-learning platform , which meets the requirements specified in the PART-FCL rules, and lectures, conducted during two ten-day session on the premises of our school.

The training lasts 20 weeks and it covers the following 14 subjects: aviation law and air traffic control procedures, principles of flight, meteorology, flight planning, performance, capabilities and limitations of the human body, VFR communications, IFR communications, navigation, radio navigation, aircraft general knowledge, aircraft mass and balance, operational procedures.

Applicants must hold a valid PPL(A), issued by a member country of the ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization and must be educated to secondary school level, i.e. A-Level, International Baccalaureate, Abitur, or equivalent standard.

Classes are conducted by experienced airline pilots, medical doctors, lawyers, air traffic controllers and people from the world of aviation.

The PadPilot e-learning platform has been fully integrated into the training program at the ATO Ventum Air and fulfills the KSA100 requirements.

Moreover before the course you have to pass a short test about basics in maths & physics.

The price for the course is 1.500 EUR VAT free.

The requirements to participate in the course are:

  • Age of minimum 17 years
  • Education level: minimum high school
  • Valid PPL(A) license or higher
  • Device with iOS operating system (Apple)

If you are a non EU citizen you have to have a visa for your stay in Poland. After that we have to apply to the Polish CAA for another permission for the ATPL theory. It is only paperwork, but it takes some time. Once you get all those permissions you can join the course. To get a permission you have to have a notary approved copy of your passport and visa.

If you have any questions, please call us on + 48 795 100 000

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Program 0-ATPL(A)

The Zero to ATPL(A) Program is relatively the shortest and the most efficient way to become an airline pilot with a very high probability of getting employed in an airline shortly after completing the course.

Program PPL(A)

The very first step necessary to make your dreams of flying come true is to get the Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) – PPL(A)


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