FI (A)

The course will mainly focus on the principles of teaching and students’ assessment of learning and creating in them the correct habits to train new students in the future. At ATO Ventum Air you will meet the best instructors, who will share their long-term knowledge and experience with you during the course. The whole theoretical course is held in Polish or English.
To offer you the highest quality of our training we prepared for you exercises, which will surely help you with your future work as an instructor. Theoretical training consists of 125 hours classes and includes subjects like: appropriate teaching methods, training processes, assessment and examination of students, possible threats during malfunctions in a flight, etc.
The course will be held in groups of maximum 12 participants and will end with an internal exam and the issue of a certificate after the passed exam.

Following minimum requirements have to be fulfilled to join the FI(A) course:

  1. at least 200 hours of total flight time including minimum 100 hours PIC as a ATPL(A) or CPL(A) license holder or at least 150 hours PIC as a PPL(A) license holder;
  2. theoretical knowledge of a CPL(A) license holder;
  3. at least 30 hours flight time on single-engine piston airplanes, from which at least 5 hours must be flown during the last six months before the preliminary check flight of the FI(A) course (see lit. f below);
  4. at least 10 hours flight time in practical instrumental flight training, from which not more than 5 hours may be done on a FNTP or a flight simulator;
  5. at least 20 PIC hours flight time in navigation flights, including a flight of not less than 540 km (300 NM) with two full stop landings at two different aerodromes;

f. pass in the last six months immediately preceding the beginning of the theoretical FI(A) course a preliminary practical check flight with an instructor in accordance to PART-FCL;
The result of the practical test will be a basis for evaluating the possibility of the beginning of the instructor’s course.

Following documents must be submitted before the course:

  • a valid CPL(A) pilot license or a PPL (A) with a certificate confirming passing the CPL(A) or ATPL(A) exams in front of the CAA;
  • a valid medical certificate.

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