In accordance with the FCL, the PPL(A) Private Pilot Licence can be obtained via training which begins with a theoretical course. The theoretical course will provide you with all the necessary aviation knowledge. The completion of this course is obligatory before proceeding to practical training. It is also the first step in making your dreams of flying come true.

In accordance with the European standards and regulations, as expressed in the FCL, theoretical training covers information regarding aviation law, flight rules, navigation and radio navigation, meteorology, airframe structure, performance and maintenance, flight planning and the safety of flight execution, pilotage rules, aeronautical communications, capabilities and limitations of the human body, as well as many other issues that will enable students to familiarize themselves with the basic rules of executing a flight.

Our school offers the theoretical PPL(A) training in Polish and in English, based on the program that has been approved by the President of The Civil Aviation Office (CAO), in accordance with the Ventum Air’s ATO certificate. The program includes 79 hours of self-study, coordinated through our e-learning platform and 21 hours of lectures, conducted during one three-day session on the premises of our school. The training lasts 3 weeks and it covers ten subjects, in accordance withFCL. Applicants must be at least sixteen years old and have a complete lower secondary education.

The e-learning platform has been fully integrated into the training program at the ATO Ventum Air. It includes over 900 pages of learning materials and aids in a form of PDF presentations and over 400 pages of additional materials, as well as a bank of 2200 exam questions, together with the correct answers.

To obtain more information about the e-learning platform, sample lessons, progress tests and rules of studying for the PPL(A) at the ATO Ventum Air, please contact us HERE. At the end of the training, students sit an internal exam.

Those who pass it will obtain a certificate, on the basis of which they will be admitted to the practical part of the training. This certificate is recognized by all the members of The JAA Joint Aviation Authorities .

After having passed the internal exam, students are offered a 30-minute introductory flight with an instructor. These 30 minutes in the air, the first take off, the first turn, the first landing, will stay in your memory for a very………very long time.

And now for those still hesitating:

This is an aerodrome circuit of the EPBC – Babice airfield

Bird’s-eye view, obviously 🙂

A view from an outside camera mounted on our plane.

Enjoy !!!! 


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Program 0-ATPL(A)

The Zero to ATPL(A) Program is relatively the shortest and the most efficient way to become an airline pilot with a very high probability of getting employed in an airline shortly after completing the course.

Program PPL(A)

The very first step necessary to make your dreams of flying come true is to get the Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) – PPL(A)


ATO Ventum Air is the only Flight Academy in Poland that possesses The Redbird Full Motion flight simulator which provides unforgettable moments for both professional training participants and hobbyists.

The first flying lesson

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