Simulator plays very important role during pilot training process. Starting from PPL(A) where it is used during training of emergency situations, through IR(A) training and finally during advanced training for Type Rating.

At Ventum Air ATO at your service is one and only in Poland Full Motion simulator made by American company RED BIRD which is used in General Aviation.

Combination of motion effect along 3 axes with realistic representation of TECNAM P2006T and CESSNA 182 aircraft cockpits equipped with GARMIN G1000 avionics causes that training becomes more effective and valuable for student. The possibility of emergency landings training, simulation of failure of aircraft systems in obviously way improves safety of the flight in real world.

Below short clip presenting capabilities of our simulator.



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Program 0-ATPL(A)

The Zero to ATPL(A) Program is relatively the shortest and the most efficient way to become an airline pilot with a very high probability of getting employed in an airline shortly after completing the course.

Program PPL(A)

The very first step necessary to make your dreams of flying come true is to get the Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) – PPL(A)


ATO Ventum Air is the only Flight Academy in Poland that possesses The Redbird Full Motion flight simulator which provides unforgettable moments for both professional training participants and hobbyists.

The first flying lesson

Do you dream of flying ? Would you like to feel like a real pilot, but you don’t know where to start ? ATO Ventum Air is the right place for that – Just join us for your First Flying Lesson !