Many pilots consider flying multi-engine aircraft particularly prestigious. For the other ones it is yet another unique flying experience. Moreover, some pilots treat the additional engine as an important safety feature. Altogether one thing is certain. Those who want to pursue the career of an airline pilot must obtain this qualification before proceeding to the next stage of the training.


Two engines, more control gauges, full glass cockpit, more advanced aircraft systems, retractable gear, variable pitch propeller, autopilot and procedures taken in a simplified version from bigger aircraft. All this means that we can feel the taste of professional flying.


The Multi-Engine Piston Land MEP(L) training has been divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. In accordance with the FCL regulations, applicants can only proceed to the practical training when they have completed the theoretical part.


Our school offers the theoretical MEP(L) training in Polish and in English, based on the program that has been approved by the President of the Civil Aviation Office (CAO). It consists of 7 hours of theory lectures, conducted in an individual mode on the premises of our school.


The practical training includes 6 hours of flight with instructor, on the TECNAM P2006T type of aircraft. The training, during which students are accompanied by highly experienced instructors, covers practical exercises concerning emergency situations, thrust asymmetry compensation, controlling the aircraft at minimal speeds with one functional engine, simulated failure of given aircraft systems, landing with one functional engine, etc.


Below you can watch a short video recorded during a flight of our TECNAM P2006T’s flight.



Applicants must hold a valid PPL(A) and have a record of at least 70 flight hours as Pilot in Command (PIC).

Current prices for MEP(L) practical training can be found HERE.


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Program 0-ATPL(A)

The Zero to ATPL(A) Program is relatively the shortest and the most efficient way to become an airline pilot with a very high probability of getting employed in an airline shortly after completing the course.

Program PPL(A)

The very first step necessary to make your dreams of flying come true is to get the Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) – PPL(A)


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