MEP(L) + IR(A) + CPL(A)


In accordance with the FCL rules, the ATO approved schools are allowed to combine the stages of the training, as well as to employ some shortcuts or simplifications, to make the learning process even more methodically effective. It also helps to avoid repeating its basic stages.

MEP(L) + IR(A) + CPL(A) program starts with the Multi-Engine Piston Land MEP(L) training – 6 hours of practical training on the TECNAM P2006T type of aircraft. This stage ends with a state exam (around 1,5 hours long flight with an examiner on the TECNAM P2006T type aircraft). After receiving MEP(L) qualification, the student goes through the IR(A) training – 40 hours of the simulator training in the FNTP II training cabin and 15 hours of practical training on the TECNAM P2006T type aircraft. Next, he or she goes through the CPL(A) training – 5 hours of practical training on the TECNAM P2006T and 10 hours of practical training on the Cessna 150/152 aircraft. Practical CPL(A) + IR(A) final exam takes around 2 hours and it is conducted in the TECNAM P2006T aircraft.

The applicants for the IR(A) training at our school must hold a valid PPL(A) licence along with the Night VFR rating, have finished the theoretical ATPL(A) training, hold a current and appropriate medical certificate, and have a total flight time of 125 hours, including 70 hours as pilot in command (PIC).

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Some of the undisputable advantages of completing the MEP(L) + IR(A) + CPL(A) program at our school are:

– The great intensity of flying, very important from the training methodology point of view;

– Considerable lowering of the training costs;

– The possibility to acquaint oneself well with the particular type of aircraft;

– Gain the very valuable flight experience in the multi-engine Glass Cockpit equipped aircraft;

– No necessary additional IR training (IR(A) + MEP(L) conversion);

– The possibility to combine IR(A) and CPL(A) practical exams;

– Experienced teaching personnel, always at your disposal.

Training includes: 26 hours of flight on the TECNAM P2006T type of aircraft, 10 hours of flight on Cessna 150/152 , 40 hours of simulator flight in the FNTP II training cabin, theoretical training for the MEP(L) qualification.

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Program 0-ATPL(A)

The Zero to ATPL(A) Program is relatively the shortest and the most efficient way to become an airline pilot with a very high probability of getting employed in an airline shortly after completing the course.

Program PPL(A)

The very first step necessary to make your dreams of flying come true is to get the Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) – PPL(A)


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